Pan-Oston Renovates and Enlarges Facility

Pan-Oston Co. is expanding its Bowling Green, Ky.-based manufacturing facility to accommodate growth in self-checkout and technology products. When the renovation is complete a portion of the plant also will be used to consolidate all of metal and wood production. This new wood production area will offer state-of-the art computer controlled machinery and advanced environmental protection systems.


The new addition also will include an Electronic Assembly Area, specially designed as a controlled clean environment with lighting, anti-static technology and air conditioning to ensure quality assembly of Utopia self-checkout solutions and other technology products.


“The new building represents a significant investment by Pan-Oston and re-affirms our long-term commitment to Utopia Self-Checkout technology and retail products that include electronic technology, Jim Vance, president of Pan-Oston said in a press release.


Utopia self-checkout has been well received by the grocery and convenience store industries. Utopia has completed more than $25 million in transactions and is now operational is seven grocery chains.t


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