Chevron Reveals 2008 Performance Report

Chevron Corp. released its 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report this week, showing it invested $160 million in communities around the world, posted record safety performance and completed major energy efficiency projects.


“Energy is the foundation of global growth and prosperity,” said Dave O’Reilly, Chevron chairman and CEO in a press release. “But Chevron does much more than provide energy. Our partnerships touch millions of lives and set the stage for human advancement by addressing basic human needs, education and economic development.”


Chevron’s seventh annual corporate responsibility report provided descriptions, data and perspectives on key areas such as community engagement, health and safety, energy efficiency, renewable and alternative energy  and environmental performance for 2008.


According to the report, for the seventh consecutive year, Chevron has improved its safety performance. And In 2008, the company reduced its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 800,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent and has increased the energy efficiency of its global operations by 28 percent since 1992.


The full 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report is available at


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