Retail Commission to Study Shopper Marketing

Coca-Cola said it is sponsoring the creation of the Retail Commission on Shopper Marketing. This group of retailers will work with industry experts to determine how to best leverage manufacturers’ insights to develop marketing approaches that increase same-store sales and profit performance.

The commission will be guided by Dr. Brian Harris, chairman of The Partnering Group. Harris is the renowned “father” of category management, which revolutionized the retail industry during the 1990s. The In-Store Marketing Institute will facilitate the year-long process, which will culminate with a “Shopper Marketing Best Practices” whitepaper.

Shopper marketing is the next big step in the evolution of strategic retail marketing, according to Harris. “It logically builds on the foundation of the collaborative business methods of category management, but is enhanced by the strong linkage to shopper attitudes and behaviors, as well as the improved creative activation in store,” he said. “Manufacturers are on the leading edge of this trend and are producing highly valuable insights about shoppers and their behavior. Leading retailers recognize the power of this information. What’s needed now is to create the collaborative business practices.”


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