7-Eleven Blasts Stars in New Terminator Movie

7-Eleven Inc. storms the big screen in Terminator Salvation, the convenience retailer’s biggest participation ever in a major motion picture. Leading up to the movie’s May 21 release, 7-Eleven has turned its stores totally Terminator, with special Slurpee flavor Apocalyptic Ice, four premium collectible cups and two paper Slurpee cups, four Slurpee spoon-straws and a Big Gulp cup, all featuring Terminator Salvation machines from the movie. Participating stores also will carry licensed toys and merchandise, featuring movie characters.


Terminator Salvation is the fourth in the Terminator franchise. 7-Eleven, already prominently featured in the movie’s trailers, can be seen in the movie as the mega-machines Harvester, T-600 and Moto-Terminator battle the human resistance in a post-apocalyptic world set in the year 2018, and features a surviving 7-Elven convenience store.


“While still upright after a nuclear holocaust, the 7-Eleven store in the movie has definitely seen better days, but it still stands as a beacon to all-things American, as does Slurpee for generations of Americans,” said Jay Wilkins 7-Eleven brand manager for Slurpee and Big Gulp beverages. “It’s a blast to see the good buys battling the machines with our recognizable red, orange and green sign in the background.”


The Terminator Salvation promotion also launches a new Slurpee Nation online rewards program with an online sweepstakes at www.slurpee.com.  Several Slurpee customers will win custom-made Limited Edition Xbox 360 consoles branded with Terminator Salvation graphics. Other prizes include the new Terminator Salvation videogame for the Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment systems from Microsoft, three-month Xbox LIVE online entertainment network subscription cards and Xbox 360 wireless headsets.  


“Summertime is Slurpee season and the premiere time for action movies, and 7-Eleven customers love both,” Wilkins said. “Add a sweepstakes with more than 100 prizes, a new videogame, and cool cups and straws to the mix, and this summer is shaping up to be the perfect storm of fun for 7-Eleven customers.”


Premium Slurpee cups in current-day 7-Eleven stores will highlight Terminator Salvation machines in 3D, simulated-action sequences. Featured on the cups are the Harvester, Moto-Terminator and two versions of the T-600–full body and endoskeleton. Collectible characters climbing on Slurpee straws match those on the cups and can be removed for play or display. Slurpee drinks in the 22-ounce premium cups will retail for $1.99, while the suggested retail price for the Terminator Salvation character spoon-straws is $1.69.


The Terminator Salvation cup count totals seven with two additional 22-ounce paper Slurpee cups featuring the Hydrobot and Harvester and a Super Big Gulp cup, in addition to the four cups. The paper Slurpee and Super Big Gulp cups feature codes that can be redeemed online.


Terminator Salvation is front-and-center on the Slurpee website along with the featured Slurpee flavor–Apocalyptic Ice–and the new Slurpee Nation rewards program. Slurpee cups feature unique codes that can be entered on the website and redeemed for prizes or to enter sweepstakes and instant-win games.


Participating 7-Eleven stores also will carry the newest videogame in the Terminator series–Terminator Salvation. Gamers can purchase versions for multiple video game entertainment systems (scheduled for release on May 19, followed by the movie premiere on May 21), for $59.99.


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