Texaco Launches New Ad Campaign

Chevron Global Marketing, San Ramon, Calif., has started a new marketing campaign, using newly created ads to promote its Texaco branded fuels. The ads showcase people who know and love their cars, are driven by performance and trust only one brand of fuel: Texaco with Techron.

The new ads continue to reinforce the “people in the know love Texaco” theme and currently can be seen on television, radio, outdoor, point-of-sale and online media outlets throughout North America. The campaign will begin appearing in Latin American markets this July.

“The new Texaco ads reinforce why millions of motorists have trusted our brand with their hearts and minds for more than 100 years,” said Glenn Weckerlin, Chevron, global director, brand and product line management. “This campaign will help more fuel consumers understand what our loyal customers already know-that Texaco with Techron delivers unbeatable quality, power and performance.”

Texaco with Techron Technology allows consumers to clean vital engine parts, such as intake valves and fuel injectors, and keep them clean. Techron Technology offers unbeatable cleaning power in the engine’s intake system, minimizes harmful combustion chamber deposits and can help lower emissions and prevent knocking or loss of power during acceleration.

The new advertising campaign uses visual elements, text messaging and anecdotes to reinforce the Texaco brand promise.


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