Break for Tobacco Customers

Recognizing that consumers are struggling to purchase tobacco products following this month’s hefty increase in the federal excise taxes, South Boston, Va.-based American Smokeless Tobacco LLC announced its 2009 economic stimulus package.


American Smokeless, the only independent manufacturer of pasturized snus in five flavors in the U.S., will reduce the price on Discreet snus up to 75%. This reduction will help stimulate those who do not have the option to smoke and those that wish to reduce their smoking but still desire the satisfaction of and natural tobacco product to try its Discreet snus brand.


“American Smokeless understands that lean economic times and across the board tobacco tax increases are not only hurting consumers, but also causing concern among the employees of the tobacco industry,” the company said in a statement announcing the stimulus plan.


It is anticipated that with the increased demand for Descreet snus and locally grown tobacco being used in its manufacture will preserve regional jobs that would be lost due to the declines in cigarette smoking, the company added.


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