New Retail Brand for Southcorp Capital

Southcorp Capital Inc., a marketer in the business of owning, operating and acquiring good quality gas stations and convenience stores throughout south and central Florida, said it plans to begin introducing new stores to the market commencing on the third quarter of 2009.


The new proprietary brand name will be Petrofast. Stores will have state of the art fuel dispensing equipment as well as the most advanced stores ever built.


“We are very happy with the new designs.” Our customers will have more options at the pumps and they will be able to fuel faster,” said Ariel Rodriguez, CEO of Southcorp Capital. “All of the new locations will be green to the environment and will offer E85 fuel as well as biodiesels. At our convenience stores we will offer fast service and a vast selection of brand merchandise.”


“This will bring big results and a substantial increase of our sales and revenues, we look forward to big results and we will continue to work hard. Southcorp Capital is on the road to become the leading company in the industry–experience does make the difference,” Rodriguez added.


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