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Confectionery manufacturer BestSweet Inc. has introduced a new, smoother shape for its licensed Baskin-Robbins Smooth & Creamy Hard Candy.  In addition to the new candy shape, updated packaging for the product is also being introduced and will prominently feature a picture of the new shape on the front of each candy bag. The new Smooth & Creamy Hard Candy treats feature a natural swirl appearance and offer the delicious flavor, smooth texture and experience of your favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream in each mouth-watering piece. In fact, the newly redesigned candy shapes provide an overall better mouthfeel and deliver maximum flavor impact. Baskin-Robbins Smooth & Creamy Hard Candies are available in regular and sugar-free varieties and they are individually wrapped, so they are perfect for the purse, pocketsand taking on-the-go.

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