Perfect Chicken

Brakebush Brothers has the perfect answer for operators who want to serve their customers whole muscle chicken, yet maintain the consistency and portion control that keeps their budgets predictable. Its Perfect Answers chicken is whole muscle, breaded chicken breasts and tenders that are perfectly portioned and consistently sized with no compromise in quality. That makes them the perfect answer for cost-conscious operators who want to keep customers happy, yet are hesitant to add an extra tender to a plate simply because this week’s chicken pieces are undersized. Now costs are predictable becaue the size of the chicken pieces is consistent. Perfect Answers chicken ends the guesswork and gives operators complete predictability. Perfect Answers is available in 2.4- and 4-ounce fully-cooked fillets, fully-cooked or pre-browned tenders, and comes in the full range of Brakebush coatings.

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