Flip Your Lid

Protect Stop the unnecessary waste of expensive drink lids and save hundreds of dollars and more year after year in a single store with the LidSaver. Each LidSaver is factory set to dispense a particular lid style. If you should change lid manufacturers or sizes, Acry Fab offers lid change out kits that are easy to install. Acry Fab has been around for 25 years supplying convenience stores with quality products. The LidSaver is one of them. The LidSaver dispenses more cold drink, hot drink, tabbed, slotted, dome, gourmet coffee, contoured, soup cup, and flat lids than any other single lid dispenser. It also dispenses high-dome lids. The LidSaver single lid dispenser attracts customers to your  store by presenting litter free and sanitary beverage stations. Customers understand that no one has touched their lid. Its their lid and they own it.

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