Electrolux Rolls Out Energy-Saving Equipment

Foodservice operators can make a positive contribution to the energy-saving effort and their bottom line by using professional kitchen equipment that features energy saving technology. Through committed research and development, Electrolux Professional has incorporated energy-efficient features into their foodservice equipment that are both operator-friendly and earth-friendly.

Energy-conscious operators can use Electrolux air-o-steam combi ovens, both electric and gas, on a half power setting to help conserve energy. All electric models can be connected to central devices in charge of splitting power among different appliances to avoid peak consumptions, thereby improving energy efficiency.

Gas-operated air-o-steam combi ovens take advantage of two patents on gas burners awarded the quality mark GASTEC QA from Kiwa Gastec Certification, Europe’s market leader in the field of testing and certification of gas related products, for their high efficiency and low emissions. By using an air-o-steam combi oven, operators can achieve a 20% lower gas bill and 20% less harmful nitrogen oxide emissions than older convection and combi ovens. At the same time, air-o-steam automatically reduces running costs every month and provides a better working environment for kitchen crew.

Even in convection mode, a patented lambda sensor in the air-o-steam can use the moisture of the product to measure the real humidity during cooking without activating the steam generator, therefore saving water and energy. Going even further to help keep energy consumption low, the air-o-steam has a unique cooking chamber insulation that keeps the heat in the oven, not dispersed into the kitchen environment which causes air conditioning costs to spike.

The entire SMART Refrigeration line is ENERGY STAR® rated proving its superior energy-efficiency. The Electrolux SMART refrigeration line has a unique defrosting function that automatically detects ice build-up on the evaporator and de-ices only when required, saving running costs and ensuring a constant temperature in the storage area. In addition, the refrigeration cabinet uses CFC and HCFC-free Cyclopentane insulation, one of the few insulations with no ozone level depletion, for the best insulation performance.

When it comes to energy-efficiency and foodservice equipment, less can be more. Using dynamic evaluation through 5 different points along a core temperature probe versus a preset timing, Electrolux air-o-chill® chillers/freezers will only chill or freeze as long as necessary thereby saving wasted energy if the chilling of one cycle is performed faster than another. After the chilling/freezing is complete, the chillers automatically switch to refrigeration or freezer hold mode to save energy and protect the food. The air-o-chill will also defrost automatically and only run for as long as necessary. Lower equipment running time means less energy is used and operators will experience the savings.

Using less water and energy than other conveyor dishwashers with equal productivity on the market today, the Conveyor Dishwasher Line by Electrolux Professional is the highly efficient solution for medium to high output washing demands. It can be set at either 130 or 200 racks per hour. After cleaning 200 racks in one hour, only 79 gallons of water are used. The Conveyor Dishwasher’s built-in hot water booster uses less energy than the more common external booster to raise the temperature of the rinse water.

Another unique energy-savings feature of the Electrolux Conveyor Dishwasher gives the operator the flexibility to adapt the machine to work most efficiently, regardless of their incoming water temperature. During installation, the hot water booster can be set at a 40°, 70° or 100°F temperature rise to meet the proper sanitizing rinse temperature of 180°F.

Professional appliances are usually used extensively; for at least eight hours a day and often up to 20 years. As a result, lifetime operating costs often exceed the initial purchase price, and therefore efficiency represents substantial savings. That makes energy efficient performance a paramount interest, whether for a hotel, restaurant, school, hospital or any other operation using foodservice equipment on a daily basis.


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