Appco C-Stores Re-Open for Business

Two months after filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy, Appco’s convenience stores are reopening for business. Two stores in Erwin, Tenn. opened the doors to their convenience stores this week, however, the Long John Silver’s and A&W eateries are still closed.

“The stores are back to normal operation and have the typical convenience store items for sale,” Appalachian Oil Co. President Marty Anderson told the Erwin (Tenn.) Record. “We are working on getting the Tennessee Lottery back in operation in our stores and should have this complete soon.”

Both Erwin Appco locations began selling gas nearly two weeks ago, following a bankruptcy judge’s approval to refinance the company. The judge allowed the plan, as the company’s last effort to make money. Anderson said the goal was to stock stores during the Bristol spring race weekend, when convenience stores in the region are profitable.

The Appco stations ran out of gas at the beginning of the year and have since run out of most other items. The Blountville-based company filed Chapter-11 bankruptcy in February, the report said.

To bring customers back into the stores, signs outside the two Erwin locations say, “Fresh coffee, gas, cigs and beer.” Welcome back signs are visible from the road.

The Long John Silver’s and A&W eateries in Erwin closed a month ago. “We are working on getting the restaurant opened back up, I am not sure how long this will take,” Anderson said, adding, “on behalf of our 450 employees I want to thank all of our loyal customers and employees for sticking with us through our recent struggles. We are on our road to recovery.”


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