Innovative Candy Concepts Honored at ECRM

They came, they saw, they tasted.

Dozens of children ages 8-13 were invited to become junior candy buyers by sampling various candies at ECRM’s Winter Confectionary EPPS event in Dallas. The junior candy buyers were given an inside look at the confection industry from retail buyer attendees that included Jack’s World, Save-a-Lot and Walgreen’s. Retailers regaled the group with stories about their experiences in candy buying and what they look for when choosing a quality candy product.

Several manufacturers attending the Winter Confectionary show also donated products for sampling. The kids were then given the opportunity to see the buying and selling process first hand by visiting various ECRM manufacturer meeting rooms.

After the group learned about the candy industry, they were able to choose their favorite product from the more than 30 brands they sampled. The children had varied responses, but selected Innovative Candy Concepts Too Tarts Sugar Free Spray Candy as their favorite product. The junior candy buyers commented that the candy was delicious and fun to use, but they were most likely unaware that their choice was sugar free and made of 67% real juice. The candy also comes in four different varieties; Melted Ice Cream, Super Sweet, Sour Blast and Sweet Heat. The second favorite choice, Fun Sweet’s Cotton Candy, came in two varieties, Vanilla Cotton Candy Snowman and Halloween Cotton Candy Tub assortment with Pumpkin and Frankenstein characters.

In addition to their top favorites, the majority of the kids raved about sour candies as their preferred choice over other varieties.

ECRM donated $5,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas in correlation with the first ECRM Kid’s Choice Award. This event was held during the Winter Confectionary EPPS® event in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday, February 17th.


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