Platinum Power

The use of additives is necessary to maintain high quality fuel operability. This is why Atlas Oil Co. created its own in-house additive–Atlas Platinum Power.

Used each year from Oct. 1-March 31 for 15 years, Atlas Platinum Power provides an additive blend needed for the following weather performance benefits:

* Lowers cold filter plugging point by as much as 25 degrees.
* Lowers pour point by as much as 45 degrees.
* Prevents fuel gelling in low temperatures.
* Disperses wax during extended engine shutdowns in cold climates.
* Aids against fuel filter icing.
* Typical cetane boost from 1 to 3 numbers.
* Diesel detergent.
* Water dispersant to help safely remove water on a gradual basis.
* Fully synthetic non-acid, ester lubricity improver.
* Caustic resistant corrosion inhibitor.
* Contains antioxidants to protect thermal and oxidative stability.

“During this record breaking and colder than usual winter, I am pleased to say that our fleet of 40+ trucks did not experience one fuel line freeze-up, break-down or any other problem related to fuel…not one,” said Jim Davis, director of operations for Prairie Farms of Oak Park, Mich. “This can only be attributed to our winter additive, Atlas’ Platinum Power. Never in my 35 years of experience can I remember a smoother time when relating to winter problems. It made my job less stressful while allowing for company savings in the thousands of dollars over previous years. I had to call my Atlas sales rep to personally thank him.”

Atlas Oil is a national distributor of petroleum products and related services in Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada. It currently supplies more than 350 stores and operates the WoW! convenience store brand.


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