Mark VII Launches Two New In-Bay Automatics

Mark VII Equipment Inc. announced its next generation of rollover carwash systems, the SoftWash XT and AquaJet XT.

Each system leverages the best features of its predecessor while adding unique new features that drive incremental revenue, lower operating costs, increase customer satisfaction and reduce consumption of precious resources. Both have been redesigned from the ground up to achieve a high degree of commonality of parts, ease of service and lower cost of ownership.

“We’re excited to be launching new products at this point in time,” said Murray Kennedy, CEO of Mark VII. “In the current economy, many vendors have had to turn their focus to keeping their doors open. But thanks to the global stature of our parent WashTec, we’re bringing the results of two years of R&D to market right when the market is in desperate need of innovation.

“I’m also overwhelmed with the response we’ve gotten to these products,” Kennedy continued. “Based upon customer previews we’ve conducted and pre-announcing to our distributors, we’re now sitting on the largest March order backlog we’ve seen in the past decade.”

Building upon the legacy of thousands of SoftWash machines sold worldwide by Mark VII and WashTec, the SoftWash XT is housed in a new frame with new cosmetics, but it continues to use WashTec’s proprietary SofTecs foam material to gently clean and polish even the softest vehicle finishes. New self-adjusting side washers ensure that curved surfaces at the top and bottom of vehicles are thoroughly scrubbed. The K100 controller, introduced in 2006, combines with the a new variable speed drive system to deliver unparalleled flexibility to create wash programs, control speed and ensure optimal cleaning results.

New LED instructional lighting ensures customers are safely guided into position. A new on-board LCD displays customized animated graphics for branding, up-selling and cross-selling customers to other profit centers. A new contouring dryer achieves excellent drying results with less electricity consumption than traditional dryers. And for sites with especially tough cleaning conditions, the CombiWash XT and ChoiceWash XT options offer Mark VII’s legendary high pressure turbo technology to create the most powerful hybrid rollovers on the market.

Building upon the legacy of thousands of AquaJet GT machines sold throughout North America, Australia and the Middle East by Mark VII, the AquaJet XT also boasts a new frame design, but continues to leverage Mark VII’s turbo technology and modern chemistry to thoroughly clean vehicles in a touch-free environment. The new system also utilizes Mark VII’s HubScrub, which revolutionized touch-free carwashing by proving that customers accept brushing as the best way to clean dirty wheels. Pumping plants are available in two sizes to match the throughput needs of the site, with the larger of the two consuming 20% less water than the previous generation, reducing operating costs and conserving resources.

Most of the new features of the SoftWash XT are available on the AquaJet XT as well, including the K100 controller, variable speed drive system, LED lighting, LCD merchandising display, and the energy efficient contouring dryer–a first for touch-free rollovers and a boon for operators looking to reload a bay with a low ceiling height.


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