• Sara Lee Foodservice
  • Bon Appetite
  • Prairie City Bakery


  • Rich Products
  • Mrs. Freshley’s

Convenience retailers across the board are rolling out innovative approaches to boost their foodservice sales, and many are looking to the trusted breakfast daypart as a proving grounds for new ideas to lure new customers.

This means plenty of opportunities for bakery and foodservice suppliers, who have shown willingness to work with retailers who want to boost sales with add-on bakery purchases.

In some cases, bakery offerings like muffins, doughnuts and rolls are being conceptualized and produced entirely by retailers who manage the entire supply side of foodservice, though it’s being executed by multimillion-dollar chains like Sheetz and Kwik Trip.

Sheetz, for instance, unveiled its new Sheetz Bros. Kitchen last July, a colossal facility that will help the chain develop new menu items for Sheetz bakery products, such as Shweetz donuts, cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls and more. 

Retailers across the country are looking for bakery solutions. Of the 63 retailers who participated in the Bakery segment of CSD’s 2009 Brand Preference Study, 59% (or 37 people) said they’ve received sales presentations from just one or two companies in the past 60 days. In fact, 30% of retailers said they hadn’t had a single supplier call on them in the last two months, while about one in every nine retailers saw a presentation from three or four companies.

The 63 retailers in this segment identified Sara Lee Foodservice, Bon Appetite and Prairie City Bakery as their top bakery providers, while Rich Products and Mrs. Freshley’s were honorable mentions.


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