Compliance Focused

Walters-Dimmick Petroleum Inc. of Marshall, Mich., said it reached a deal to install Gilbarco FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pads at their 75 Shell-branded locations across southwestern Michigan, northern Indiana, and northern Ohio.

“Acting early allowed us to save money. We could properly plan the retrofit program, take advantage of incentives available under the Shell Technology Incentive Program (TIP) and use readily-available local labor resources to handle the installations before increased demand drives their prices up closer to the deadline,” said Terry Dale, maintenance director at Walters-Dimmick. “We have been very pleased with the FlexPay EPP retrofits.”

The hardware is Payment Card Industry Encrypting PIN Pad (PCI EPP) compliant. It provides Triple Data Encryption Standard (TDES) encryption of the Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) entered by consumers during debit card transactions at the pumps.

All dispensers that accept debit must be PCI compliant by July 1, 2010.

“The modular design allows seamless integration to Gilbarco dispensers, preserving the dispensers’ approvals and warranties,” said Mike Decker, corporate service manager for R.W. Mercer, the Gilbarco Veeder-Root distributor and Authorized Service Contractor that managed the rollout. “Gilbarco FlexPay EPP is also backwards compatible to existing point of sale systems and requires no wiring changes.”


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