McLane Introduces Candy Multi-Vendor End Cap

McLane, the industry top wholesaler, today announced that its Candy Multi-vendor End Cap (Candy MVE) is now available to convenience stores across the country. This program provides retailers a cost-effective merchandising opportunity in the highly profitable candy segment.

Impulse buying continues to represent a significant revenue source for convenience stores, with 37% of those sales coming from candy purchases. Research from the American Wholesaler Marketers Association indicates that proper display and bundling can increase category sales by up to 20%.

McLane’s Candy MVE provides versatile and modular merchandizing solutions to accommodate the diverse needs of stores throughout the country. The program also offers convenience stores free racks and 15% discounts on display products to ensure maximum profitability.

“Many retailers don’t take full advantage of the top-performing products in the candy segment through positioning and organization.” said Tony Frankenberger, vice president of merchandising at McLane. “Our Candy MVE program offers retailers a convenient and cost-effective way to place these products in key areas and drive additional revenues.”

McLane Candy MVE Benefits:
• Racks have up to a $400 value and are 100% funded by the manufacturer.
• 15% off all products in the display bundle — and the items are the top-sellers that retailers commonly carry.
• Retailers that restock in compliance with the planograms will receive up to an additional $200/per store (per year).
•The optional Theater Box Confection add-on topper contains the fastest growing items in the industry.
• The MVE bundles are available through McLane’s proprietary Virtual Trade Show, providing retailers with convenient access to this and other special offers.
• Options include: front standing, side wings and an extender option for theater-box size candy (total of 4 configurations) to ensure the right size is available for retailers with different needs.

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