APW Wyott Launches Rhino Grill

Dallas-based foodservice equipment manufacturer APW Wyott has introduced its new Rhino Grill, a tough and compact double-sided grill that will help retailers add quick and easy hot menu items to their menu.

The versatile clamshell grill comes with grooved or smooth cooking plates, which allows foodservice workers to specialize in the creation of a variety of sandwiches, including Paninis, hot subs, wraps, quesadillas, pita melts and hamburgers, as well as numerous meats, vegetables, eggs and pancakes.

Easy to operate and easy to clean, the Rhino Grill comes in three sizes, allowing it to fit just about any countertop or work area.

The grill’s high-quality features and performance come at a mid-level price, too. Among the grill’s unique features:

  • Standard manual timer for unattended operation (an added-cost upgrade on competitive models);
  • Made of foodservice-quality stainless steel;
  • Cast-iron top and bottom griddle surfaces;
  • Two plate types: grooved and smooth;
  • A smaller footprint and lower height opening;
  • Unmatched even-heat distribution;
  • Top and bottom tubular heating elements thermostatically controlled to 570 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Removable front-drip tray and scraper for easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • Safe, ergonomic clamshell design;
  • Heavy-duty hinges.
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