Delta Heads Up Remediation For 300 Sites

Delta Environmental Consultants Inc. was awarded a $138 million environmental risk transfer contract from ConocoPhillips and Pacific Convenience and Fuels LLC, the companies said.

Under the terms of the contract, Delta Consultants will provide a comprehensive risk transfer solution for all pre-existing liabilities, including the remediation of existing environmental liabilities for up to 300 sites in the western U.S.

The contract is associated with Pacific Convenience & Fuels’ acquisition of ConocoPhillips’ retail and dealer locations.

“Throughout more than 22 years, Delta has built a solid reputation for developing and implementing innovative services and solutions to solve environmental business issues,” said Bob Karls, Delta’s CEO.

“The solutions we have structured for our clients will incentivize us to efficiently and aggressively eliminate the associated environmental liabilities,” said Bill MacDonald, vice president of retail at Delta’s Global Oil & Gas Business Group.

Delta has designed and implemented risk transfer solutions for numerous oil companies.

“These programs allow our customer to focus on their business while Delta focuses on their environmental liability management business,” McDonald said.

Delta has offered structured risk transfer and other liability management services for oil and gas, manufacturing, services, and financial industries providing solutions for divested assets, as well as solutions integrated with continuing operations.

“Providing the right combination of environmental and business solutions has been a key strategy for Delta,” Karls said. “We focus on building the right solution for our clients rather than just selling the services that are traditionally offered.”

Delta is a full-service, global consulting firm that provides innovative and sustainable environmental, health and safety solutions for multinational clients. It has 42 offices across the U.S.


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