Djeep Has More Fun

Looking to add some new style to its world-class disposable lighters, DjEEP is adding two more photo images of Marilyn Monroe to the incredibly popular series. The new photos from the archived collection of legendary Hollywood photographer Milton Greene will be available again beginning March 15, 2009. DjEEP 24-unit and 36-unit displays will continue to carry four different poses. The two new photos will replace two of the four images currently displayed on the Marilyn series. For over 30 years, the classic DjEEP shape has set the standard for quality and durability among disposable lighters. During this time, DjEEP, imported by Kretek International Inc., has become the premier quality disposable lighter sold in the U.S. and more than 90 countries worldwide.

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  1. It is 2016 (almost) and who sells these lighters?

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