McLane Leaps into Fresh Foods

The industry leading grocery distributor is taking perishable goods distribution to the next level, enabling retailers to sell the freshest products while increasing incremental sales.

McLane Co. Inc. announced that its much-anticipated FRESH on the GOTM program is now available to convenience stores across the continental U.S. FRESH on the GO, which takes advantage of McLane’s one-of-a-kind cold chain solution, gives retailers the ability to offer their customers the widest variety of fresh products – such as yogurts, fruits, cheeses and ready-to-eat salads – at the most competitive prices possible.

“Our customers are excited about the ability to offer the types of fresh products that better match today’s consumer tastes and healthy lifestyles,” said Tony Frankenberger, vice president of merchandising at McLane. “With FRESH on the GO, retailers can now easily offer a wide range of fresh products at the lowest possible cost without being tied to fixed order quantities and inflexible product selection. It’s a win-win.”

FRESH on the GO represents a leap forward in perishable goods distribution. To make FRESH on the GO a reality, McLane has invested more than $1 billion in a nationwide supply chain infrastructure that includes its custom cold chain solution. This solution addresses critical challenges associated with product freshness, food safety and proper temperature storage and transport throughout the delivery cycle.

Specific McLane Cold Chain advantages include:

* Twenty highly automated distribution centers across the U.S. to ensure close proximity to stores and delivery to every ZIP code in the U.S.

* Over 8 million square feet of warehouse space with more than 2.5 million combined square feet of refrigerated and frozen space.

* A modern fleet of 2,000 multi-temperature trailers to maintain proper temperatures while in transit.

* Custom cold chain systems, procedures and documentation to ensure product integrity and safety in every part of the supply chain, including loading/unloading, verification, sorting, storage, transport and presentation in the customer location.

Comprehensive, multi-step monitoring process that constantly measures, records and validates temperatures on the loading dock, in the distribution center, while in transit and upon delivery.

A third-party food safety endorsement of McLane’s entire cold chain system, procedures and documentation process from Silliker Inc., a provider of global food testing and consulting.

FRESH on the GO offers convenience store operators unprecedented ease of ordering and flexibility. All FRESH orders arrive at McLane’s warehouse just before each regular delivery, ensuring optimum freshness and subsequent shelf life. Designed with the retailer in mind, FRESH on the GO’s comprehensive product selection boasts small case packs and/or single sell solutions wherever practical.

And because McLane does not place restrictions on its customers for carrying a specific set of products, retailers can select the items that best match their customers’ preferences. McLane even offers a range of equipment solutions, including cutting edge “air-curtain” technology designed to promote impulse purchases.

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