Case Studies From Kronos

With a surge in job applicants and fewer job openings driving demand for more precision in retail selection and hiring, workforce solutions and services company Kronos has showcased a few retailers who are benefiting from its offerings.

Among those using Kronos’ workforce solutions:

  • Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores recently selected the Kronos selection and hiring solutions to improve retention. “For long-term success, we picked Kronos to help us make a difference in our selection of best-fit candidates,” said Matt Thompson, director of recruiting at Love’s. “We expect to improve retention as well.”
  • SAPP Bros. Travel Centers noticed a surge in the number of candidates looking for work this year, which made the selection process more challenging. “With the Kronos solution already implemented, we had access to superior selection tools to face the enhanced challenges this year,” said Mary Eriksen, human resources/safety manager at SAPP Bros. Travel Centers. “We are receiving significantly higher numbers of applications this season representing a wide range of experience and qualifications. However, our mission is clear – we need people who understand customer service – but without Kronos, it would have been a much more difficult challenge to navigate through this extensive applicant pool to select and hire the best associates that can deliver superior service.”
  • Tesoro Petroleum Corporation wanted a solution that would reduce inefficiencies associated with manual selection and hiring processes. “Automating with the Kronos system has enabled job seekers to have access to 24/7 online applications,” said Patrick Chalfin, retail human resource manager at Tesoro. “We quickly realized the benefits of the greater efficiency in our application management and hiring process with Kronos. Also, an easy hiring tool that helps to select and hire only the best available candidates is an added bonus.”

    “The strong interest that we continue to see among convenience stores drives home three key points,” said Steve Earl, director of marketing at Kronos’ Talent Management Division. “First, as surprising as it sounds, turnover continues to exist in retail, and it’s costly. Second, finding and hiring the right people to deliver quality service becomes even more challenging when the applicant pool is as broad as it is now. An applicant tracking system is not the need of the hour; an effective selection tool is. Third, there is no better time than now to implement solutions that improve efficiencies.”

    Kronos said its solutions are designed to consistently improve the quality of hires. It’s built upon client-specific success criteria based on industry, company, and job requirements; behavioral assessments developed specifically for the hourly workforce; and easy-to-use behavioral interview tools.

    “When you’re hiring hourly staff, the focus is less about finding that single star performer and more upon improving the quality and consistency of the overall workforce at every location,” Earl said. “Retailers, now more than ever, need to be laser focused on reducing inefficiencies, hiring the best, and providing superior customer service at store level.”

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