Certifiably Loyal

Columbus, Ohio-based Certified Oil Co. has introduced its new "Certified Savings" loyalty program, which has already been rolled out at four of its Ohio convenience stores.

Certified Chief Operating Officer Greg Ehrlich told the Chillicothe Gazette this week that the overarching goal of the program is "to develop and maintain loyalty among current and future customers while rewarding them for their continued patronage."

It’s more exciting news for Certified Oil, which is celebrating its 70th year by rolling out a new retail image, as well as a new coffee called Carlyle’s Cup, named after company founder Carlyle Baker.

Certified operates or supplies more than 140 locations in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. It has a proprietary Certified fuel brand, as well as distributing Sunoco, Marathon, Valero and Clark.

The new loyalty program is a three-level system, the Chillicothe Gazette reported:


  • Level 1: Includes product discounts and automatic entry into club programs where customers buy a designated quantity of a product (e.g., cups of coffee) with an eventual free purchase. Level 1 are also rewarded with points on purchases and redemption options that include gas discounts and free merchandise.


  • Level 2: Includes all Level 1 benefits, but Level 2 cardholders are also provided an option of receiving two cents off per gallon of gas for enrolling in Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment. The ACH debit payment plan allows the cardholder to transfer funds by authorizing Certified to electronically withdraw funds from the cardholder’s checking account.


  • Level 3: Includes all Level 1 benefits, but cardholders are offered three cents off per gallon of gas when they pay with cash.

    Certified Vice President of Information Technology Tom Bell told the Gazette that the new program will allow the company to modify cardholder benefits by store, customer, products and even day of the week.

    “The possibilities and combinations for customization are endless,” Bell said.

    Certified’s customer loyalty program will also include a merchant coalition program where non-competitive merchants such as restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores, quick oil-change services and various retail outlets will allow Certified Savings cardholders to purchase services and products at reduced prices.

    The company’s Web site said cardholders will also be given member-only savings for certain store purchases or promotional offerings, as well as bonus e-mail discounts and exclusive text-messaging specials.

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