Clark Enhances Image

Clark Brands said it’s implementing two enhancements to the Clark gasoline brand image as part of a comprehensive effort to continue moving the Clark brand into the next decade.

The new imagining, called “Image 2010,” is being launched early this year.

“Our licensees, dealers and customers believe in the value of the Clark brand,” said Clark President Karl Goodhouse. “Having a fresh, clean image at the pump plays a big role in conveying our value. While we’re still putting the finishing touches on Image 2010, these two image enhancements are a part of this initiative and will add value to our branded offering.”

The first part of the enhancements comes from Clark’s vendor partnership with Couch & Philippi, who will produce its patented pre-printed and fabricated DoorSkins

The Clark DoorSkins, easy for customers to install, are designed to re-image the lower doors of most dispensers. They don’t require special installation and can be installed at minimal to no cost by company employees.

“We’re pleased to have Couch & Philippi as a partner and to be able to offer this new Clark DoorSkins image option to our customers,” Goodhouse said. “They produce a great product that is priced right and easy to install. We think the Couch & Philippi product enhances not only the Clark image, but also our brand value to our licensees and their customers.”

The new Clark DoorSkins option is currently being rolled out to all Clark Licensees.

Additionally, Clark is updating its dispenser graphics by creating new valance graphics that are more visually appealing and prominently feature the Clark logo. The new valance graphics are being produced by LSI Graphic Solutions Plus, Clark’s primary image partner, and are available to Clark licensees immediately.

Clark licenses the Clark gasoline brand and the Four Corners Coffee brand to independent petroleum marketers and retailers, as well as processing credit card and payment transactions for independents in 28 states.


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