Fresh Start To A New Year

After noticing a sharp spike in sales of canned foods – particularly fruits and vegetables – at its stores in the past few months, West Coast c-store chain Fresh & Easy said it has launched a line of 98-cent produce packs to help consumers budget for fresh quality products.

“It’s clear customers are trying to stretch budgets but they also tell us they don’t want to compromise on quality or freshness,” said Simon Uwins, chief marketing officer at Fresh & Easy. “We are introducing the 98-cent produce packs to help our customers start the year off right without breaking the bank. We’re making changes so customers have more choices in the way they are feeding their families.”

Delivered fresh each day to stores, the 98-cent Fresh & Easy Produce Packs are now include apples, oranges, peaches and tomatoes. Customers can choose from six different fruits and vegetables that rotate depending on season and availability.

“Now that the holidays are over, people are starting to reevaluate their eating habits to get back on track to better health,” Fresh & Easy spokesperson and registered dietitian Janice Baker said. “When shopping, families need to choose foods that are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, yet lower in fat and calories. These foods usually keep the stomach full longer as well. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables is a great foundation to a healthy, well balanced diet.”

Fresh & Easy’s private-label products have no artificial colors or flavors, no added trans fats and use preservatives only when absolutely necessary.


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