Dunkin’s New Tag: You Kin’ Do It!

Dunkin’ Donuts has unveiled a new $100 million integrated advertising campaign that centers on a new rallying cry for 2009: "You Kin’ Do It!"

Created by Boston, Mass.-based Hill Holliday, Dunkin’ Donuts’ said its new iteration on the popular "America Runs on Dunkin’" campaign offers encouragement and a spirit of fun during challenging times.

“With ‘Kin’ Do’ literally part of the Dunkin’ Donuts name, the new campaign cheers on the everyday people who keep America running by reminding them they can take on any task: you kin’ make it through the workday, you kin’ shovel out that driveway, you kin’ pass that exam, you kin’ finish that paperwork,” the company said.

The national campaign has started with three television spots airing during network prime time and national cable programming. It’s expected to run through 2009 and will include radio, print, online and outdoor advertising in addition to in-store point-of-purchase, special events, sports marketing and other online marketing initiatives.

Dunkin’ Donuts Brand Marketing Officer Frances Allen said the "You Kin’ Do It" campaign encapsulates the spirit of Dunkin’ Donuts and the brand’s understanding of what everyday folks need to keep themselves and the country running.

“Prevailing over life’s daily challenges deserves acknowledgement and appreciation, especially in difficult times,” Allen said. “’You Kin’ Do It’ shines the spotlight on the accomplishments of hard-working Americans, while reinforcing that Dunkin’ Donuts will continue to fuel their busy day and provide a bit of happiness without blowing the lid off their budget," she said.


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