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DMD Pharmaceuticals has introduced the new Xtreme Peptime Mini-White Liquid Sport Pack. This 12 milliliter sport pack provides an easy-to-open rip-top for those on-the-go convenience store consumers. This dietary supplement contains Vitamin B, caffeine and taurine. The convenient blend of vitamins and energizers is formulated for an instant energy rush lasting for hours. The new liquid sports pack provides less liquid than a 2-ounce shot, but is just as powerful, at a lower cost. A division of Dickey Consumer Products, DMD Pharmaceuticals has products in more than 15,000 convenience stores throughout the U.S. The company markets its products, which include Red Label Ephedrine Plus, a brand leader in over-the-counter asthma relief medications, with upbeat package designs, high-impact countertop displays and dynamic point-of-sale promotional materials.

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