Lighting for Less

Lamar Lighting, a manufacturer of stock and custom-made fluorescent lighting fixtures, has introduced Max-ER lighting. The Max-ER recessed direct/indirect revitalization luminaire features 89% luminaire efficiency, up to 97 Lumens per watt (LPW)1 and tool-less ballast access. The Max-ER is sure to be a hit with building owners and maintenance personnel alike, arriving straight from the factory as a fully-wired one-piece unit that can be directly installed into most existing parabolic housings in just minutes. Max-ER delivers greater energy savings and less waste than a new lighting installation by using high-efficiency T5/T5HO lamps and ballasts, reusing the existing fixture housings and recycling of the old aluminum louvers. It brings volumetric-type lighting to any space thus eliminating the “cave effect” commonly produced by parabolic luminaires.

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