Feeling Blue

New BluCrans from Decas Botanical Synergies combines the freshness of just-picked blueberries and the tart taste of cranberries to create a healthy fruit snack bursting with antioxidants. Like all of the fruit juice infusions in the Fruitaceuticals line, BluCrans starts with Cape Cod cranberries which are naturally high in antioxidants. Then the cranberries are supercharged with extra potent blueberry, which lends the added antioxidant power of blueberry anthocyanins. One-quarter cup serving of BluCrans provides the antioxidant power of one 8-ounce glass of cranberry juice cocktail and a healthy helping of fresh blueberries all for only 100 calories. Available in 4-ounce re-sealable bags, BluCrans and other Fruitaceuticals are available to ship now to convenience stores, natural foods and specialty shops. The suggested retail price is $4.99.

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