Not Your Average Kansas C-store, Toto

The North American Hazardous Materials Management Association (NAHMMA) awarded two Kansas agencies the Outstanding Product Award for helping green c-store Zarco 66 become a leader in green energy, the Lawrence Journal reported.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the EPA Region 7 received the award for helping Zarco 66 Earth Friendly Fuels become a Green Energy Gateway Fuel Station.

The Green Energy Gateway is an EPA Region 7 initiative aimed at promoting sustainable and energy-saving practices at gas stations.

Maria Morey, from the Division of Waste Management, accepted the award for KDHE during a conference in Burlington, Vt.

“The Green Energy Gateway was perfect for what we were looking for,” said Kolin Anglin, NAHMMA president. “We’re looking for new ideas to promote reuse, recycling, green chemistry, using of alternative fuels and energy, and reducing the use of fossil fuels. The Green Energy Gateway does all of that.”

NAHMMA is based in Westminster, Colo.


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