Road Ranger Workers Donate 1,000 Turkeys

Employees at Rockford, Ill.-based Road Ranger convenience stores gave up their annual Christmas party so they could spread some Christmas spirit to the less fortunate, the company said.

Road Ranger said employees throughout its Midwestern stores are hearing about and witnessing the difficult times their customers and communities are facing in this struggling economy.

In lieu of their Christmas party – and as part of their Christmas Gift from the company –Road Ranger employees overwhelmingly supported the idea of receiving a turkey that they could donate to those in need in their communities.

Each of Road Ranger’s 1,000 employees will receive a free butterball turkey to donate or otherwise give to those in need, the company said.

“Hopefully a lot of struggling families will benefit from this idea” said Betty Evans and her staff at the Road Ranger in Dry Ridge, Ky.

“It’s good to be blessed with a great job and money in the pocket, but it is an even greater blessing to be able to pass those blessings along to someone else,” said Road Ranger employee Jahquay Hyles.

Road Ranger employees also came up with other creative ways to expand their generosity.

Crescent Springs, Ky., store Manager Mary Roaden and her team pooled their turkeys and held a raffle for them.

“We are going to use the proceeds from the raffle to help buy Christmas [presents] for orphans,” Roaden said.

“In a time when people are looking to receive, the employees at Road Ranger, in their true Ranger spirit, have decided to give,” said Jeff Harris, the chain’s director of operations. “I couldn’t be more proud of my co-workers.”

Road Ranger operates in Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin and Ohio.


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