Indiana Man Wins Free Pizza, Gas For a Year

A customer at the Little Point Auto Truck Stop in Stilesville, Ind., is the grand-prize winner of the inaugural Hunt Brothers Pizza Free Fill-up Sweepstakes, the company said.

Bill Holland was a randomly selected from 41,168 entries. He’ll receive gasoline and free Hunt Brothers pizza for one year, courtesy of Hunt Brothers.

“The contest was an amazing success—not just for our winner, but for all of our participating convenience store locations,” said Scott Hunt, senior executive of Hunt Brothers Pizza. “With our company’s first nationwide sweepstakes, we were able to boost interest in our products and awareness of where our pizza can be found in communities all across the country. In the long run, that can translate into increased sales for all our convenience store partners.”

As the location with the winning sweepstakes contestant, the Little Point Auto Truck Stop will be the site for the prize presentation on Friday, Dec. 12, at 1 p.m. Holland and the convenience store employees will be on hand for this occasion.

Having never tried a Hunt Brothers Pizza, Holland said he noticed a tabletop display for the sweepstakes at the Little Point Auto Truck Stop near his home and signed up for the contest online that night.

Soon after—but before he learned he was the winner—a night came when neither Holland nor his wife wanted to cook. He remembered Hunt Brothers from the contest and brought home a pizza.

“Turns out it was pretty doggone good,” he said. “We went back another three times before winning the contest, usually on Tuesday night when we’re taking care of our granddaughter.”

A former employee at a major manufacturing company in technological infrastructure, Holland left his office job of 30 years to work with homeless teenagers at a nonprofit organization called Stepping Stones. The staff and volunteers at Stepping Stones help young men and women find a new home, earn a high school diploma, find employment or attend college.


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