PCI Compliance: Practical Application for Convenience Retailers

Data breaches, hefty fines and bad publicity are just three of the concerns retailers should have when it comes to PCI compliance. But many retailers still don’t understand what PCI compliance is and what’s required of them.

To address this important, timely issue, Convenience Store Decisions and Fiscal Systems have launched the PCI Compliance Webcast Series. Part-two of this series, which will be held Nov. 20 at 2 p.m. EST, will address the issues retailers need to know to protect their businesses.

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Speakers for this must-attend Webcast include:

* Joel Williams, Americas Group PCI Sales Executive for IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS)

* Kevin Struthers, Executive Vice President of Fiscal Systems Inc.

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Managing data and identifying potential breaches in data security are core concerns for convenience retailers of all sizes. What makes PCI so difficult is that it is not a single solution, but rather a lengthy commitment to upgrading and managing network systems.

If an organization doesn’t know that they need to be PCI compliant, or where to start, or if an organization just doesn’t want to be bothered by having to obtain PCI compliance, it soon will not matter. The goal is to have all merchants, regardless of their store count, compliant with PCI/DSS. Simply being compliant is not enough.

Retailers need to verify all stored data up to the point of compliance is also secure. This can pose a real threat to stores without strong direction or a reliable technology partner. Fiscal Systems, ISS, a subsidiary of IBM and Convenience Store Decisions are here to help.

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Topics to be discussed include:
* Recognition of the PCI problem and how it affects retailers.
* Identifying possible solutions.
* Evaluating potential solutions.
* Key takeaways and marketing materials to train employees.

More importantly, store operators will have the opportunity to interact live with key compliance experts that are dedicated to securing their operations to avoid any serious breach of security. If you’re concerned about PCI/DSS compliance or if your chain hasn’t started taking the important steps needed to get compliant, this is one Webcast Series you can not afford to miss.


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