Nexon, 7-Eleven Play Well Together

Multiplayer online (MMO) game company Nexon America and 7-Eleven Inc. have kicked off the “Where You Play for Free” Slurpee drink campaign in the U.S. to introduce and promote the world of free-to-play online games.

The promotion runs through Dec. 31 in more than 5,600 participating 7-Eleven stores in the U.S. The program includes four Nexon-branded 22-ounce Slurpee cups, each featuring different images from Nexon’s games: MapleStory, Mabinogi, Combat Arms and Sugar Rush.

7-Eleven customers will also receive a collectible Nexon game DVD with the purchase of a 22-ounce or larger Slurpee while supplies last. The DVD features the four Nexon games on branded cups so users can easily download the games onto their PC.

Each Nexon-themed Slurpee cup has an exclusive game code redeemable for customized 7-Eleven and Slurpee-branded, in-game virtual items in the four games. The game code also provides 7-Eleven customers access to participate in the closed beta stage of the highly anticipated MMO game Sugar Rush, which is scheduled to launch in early 2009.

“7-Eleven is a great advocate of free-to-play online games, and now millions of its customers will have the chance to join in the fun through the pre-loaded DVDs that allow them to quickly install our games with the click of the mouse,” said Min Kim, vice president of marketing for Nexon America. “Then, once they’re in one of our games, which span from role playing to first-person shooters, they can use the Slurpee game codes to access free, exclusive content.”

To further commemorate the promotion, 7-Eleven also introduced a new, promotional flavor, Vanilla Créme, a variation of vanilla that mixes well with other Slurpee flavors.

“We’ve seen great success with the Nexon pre-paid cash cards and this partnership further solidifies 7-Eleven as a premier gaming destination,” said Brad Haga, 7-Eleven’s senior product director of services. “Free-to-play games are more popular than ever in North America, and with Nexon, we can deliver a dynamic experience for our customers looking for great entertainment.”

Nexon offers gamers a chance to select one of the following options with a Slurpee game code:

  • Combat Arms ( 7-Eleven-branded cap and supply case, which offers a random weapon to use.
  • Mabinogi ( Slurpee potion which has healing powers, 20 potions per code.
  • MapleStory ( 7-Eleven-themed Double Experience Points card, which lasts for one hour.
  • Sugar Rush ( Exclusive closed beta access and Slurpee set, which includes a Slurpee-style straw, 7-Eleven T-shirt and Slurpee hair with cap.

    Nexon America Inc. is the North American publishing arm of Nexon Group, a pioneer of interactive entertainment software and the world’s leader in massively multiplayer online games.

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