Thinking Inside the Box

Because many foodservice sites need to fit refrigerated grab-and-go display cases into recessed alcoves or tight against a wall, the new Box Series of refrigerated air screen cases in Structural Concepts’ Oasis line provide the ideal solution. First, they have a unique “front-breathing” compressor ventilation channel that draws in air at the base, circulates it through the case, and vents it out through the upper front of the case. Thus, no extra breathing room is needed behind or above the case for air circulation. Proprietors can even install shelving above the box cases, something that can’t be done with back-ventilated cases. Second, the simple, square box design with a narrow profile fits easily into alcove areas and also goes through standard door openings. The Box Series is also easier to service and maintain because it contains the innovative Breeze slide-out refrigeration system. 
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