Roll the Drum Slowly

Drum, a division of Republic Tobacco, introduces four new unique tobacco blends from around the globe. The new blends include: Perique, native to New Orleans, is cured in hickory barrels and pressed with oak blocks for a rich and spicy taste; Latakia, originally grown on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, this blend is cured over stone pine and oak wood fires to give it a sweet, smoky flavor; Piloto Cubano, originating from the seeds of the finest Cuban tobaccos, Piloto has an impressive, uncommon richness and robust flavor; and Turkish, a unique tobacco from the Orient that derives its mild yet rich and aromatic flavor from a curing process perfected over the centuries. Drum World Blends are packed six pouches per sleeve; 24 sleeves per case. A space-efficient acrylic counter display is also available to merchandise the line.
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