Spicing Up Roller Grill

Lettieri’s customers are finding out that less can mean more–more roller grill space, more customer choices and more profit potential–that’s because Lettieri’s has added a smaller (6-inch) version of its popular Stuffed Bread Stix to the menu.

The new six-inch Stuffed Bread Stix allows more facings on a roller grill, thus maximizing space and allowing a C-store operator to feature a greater variety of menu flavors. In addition the new three-ounce size is a high quality alternative to the traditional hot dog and taquito offering.

Lettieri’s six inch Stuffed Bread Stix come in six delicious varieties including:
* Mozzarella Cheese is filled with real mozzarella cheese and the warm toasty outside is topped with a combination of parmesan cheese, toasted bread crumbs and garlic salt.
* Sausage, Egg and Cheese is stuffed with spicy breakfast sausage, chopped eggs and American cheese and complimented with a cornmeal topping.
* Ham and Cheese is packed with bits of ham and a creamy American cheese sauce, and then rolled in a cracked wheat topping.
* Philly Steak blends together the perfect mix of sliced beef steak, cheese, onions and green peppers then rolled in a cornmeal topping.
* Sausage and Pepperoni includes Italian sausage and pepperoni in a tangy tomato sauce and mozzarella chees–then rolled in traditional foccacia toppings.
* Pepperoni is made with pepperoni bits in a tangy tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese and a toasted breadcrumb topping.

In addition, Lettieri’s new Stuff Bread Stix are formulated to meet the challenges of the tight c-store labor market. They require minimal preparation and can be taken directly from the freezer, brought to temperature on a roller grill and served. In addition the Stuffed Bread Stix have a legitimate three-hour hold-time on the roller grill.

Lettieri’s offers extensive advertising and merchandising support including a full line of complimentary POP.


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