Wisconsin C-store Rewards E85 Customers

A United Cooperative Cenex store in Poynette, Wis., is giving free gift cards to 85 customers who purchase at least 8.5 gallons of E85 fuel on Oct. 25.

The company said the giveaway is part of a statewide initiative to recognize “ethanol’s positive affect on Wisconsin’s economy, the air we breathe, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.”

Each of the 85 customers who fill up during a two-hour period that day will receive a $20 Cenex gift card courtesy of the Wisconsin Corn Growers Association.

“The blending of ethanol with gasoline helps to reduce our dependence on foreign oil," said United Coop Public Relations Manager Dori Lichty. “The 6.5 billion gallons of ethanol produced in 2007 replaced the need for 228 million barrels of imported oil. In these rough economic times, it’s also important to know that research from Iowa State University found that ethanol production reduces retail gasoline prices 29 to 40 cents per gallon.”


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