Sam’s Club Rolls Out Fully Loaded POP Displays

Sam’s Club has begun selling snack foods in pre-packaged displays that come retail-ready, the In-Store Marketing Institute reported.

Club chains have merchandised retail-ready displays in the past, but the current POP program represents Sam’s Club’s energized efforts to appeal to c-store owners, which senior vice president of merchandising Michael Heintzman outlined at the NACS show in Chicago, the publication reported.

As part of the effort, Sam’s Club is promoting low-cost health insurance plans for c-store owners and helping them create "beverage centers" in stores by showcasing beverages, coffee condiments and disposable cups and lids, which Heintzman said are often cheaper at Sam’s than they are through distributors.

Sam’s Club stores also promote certain bulk items as "Great for c-stores" on price signs.

Sam’s Club Marketing Manager Dave Boxx said Sam’s Club devised the strategy when it noticed c-store owners represented a sizeable niche of its business members.

Sam’s Club is also targeting business owners of every ilk with a converted prototype store in Houston. The full-service "Business Center" warehouse carries approximately 2,500 "business-essential" SKUs for owners of foodservice operations, convenience stores, offices, hotels and motels and floral shops.

The concepts were featured in a trio of CSD Foodservice Web casts in May and June this past year, all of which are still available online for free.


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