Boyd Coffee Adds Trans-Fat-Free Cappuccino Mix

Portland, Ore.-based Boyd Coffee Company said it’s introducing a line of cappuccino dry mix products that are free of trans fat.

The trans fat free cappuccino mixes will be available November 2008.

Campaigns by several public federal agencies over recent years have focused public attention on health issues related to the consumption of trans fats. Several cities have banned or are considering banning trans fats in foodservice establishments.

In December 2006, for instance, the New York City Board of Heath – which has 24,600 foodservice establishments under its control – voted to ban foods with trans fats from the restaurants being served in the city.

“As many municipalities are requiring products to be trans fat free in foodservice establishments, we understand the importance of providing the highest quality products in our convenient stores,” said David Boyd, who with his brother Dick makes up the third generation of Boyd Coffee Company leadership. “Our customers can enjoy our great tasting cappuccino drinks without worrying about the harmful trans fat.”


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