C-Store TV Grows Its West Coast Presence

Digital out-of-home television innovator Destination Media said its C-Store TV Network has expanded to additional locations in Los Angeles, as well as fully launching its network in San Diego and Phoenix.

Mirroring sister network Gas Station TV’s expansion and rollout plan, C-Store TV is installing at sites already equipped with Gas Station TV. The growth means Destination Media’s reach will top 250 million viewers annually by the end of 2008.

Destination Media is penetrating more than 20 designated market areas, and it said its Gas Station TV network reaches more consumers in the top markets than any other at-the-pump network.

The Gas Station TV and C-Store TV “power duo” creates a complete media destination for consumers and marketers. Promotional ads on Gas Station TV direct customers into the convenience store where they receive reinforced messaging on C-Store TV. This enhanced combination has shown to increase revenue at point-of-purchase areas for gas station owners, as well as advertisers on the network.

“C-Store TV’s accelerated expansion into five total markets in the top-30 designated market areas is a direct result of increased demand from gas retailers to reach and influence customers that visit the c-store, an audience that has been hard to reach due to pay-at-the-pump technology,” said David Leider, CEO of Destination Media. “As we continue to launch C-Store TV to other top markets, we will consistently provide more customers with informative and entertaining content, making the gas station a more fulfilling destination. At the same time, gas retailers who have our networks installed at their stations will see an increase in product revenues.”

Located in high-traffic areas such as checkout counters and above beverage coolers and coffee stations, C-Store TV programming runs on 32- to 37-inch LCD screens provided by Destination Media partner LG Electronics.

Gas Station TV is also installed in the Phoenix market, expanding its lead as the largest network in gas media across 21 U.S. DMAs, Destination Media said.

Gas Station TV is launching next in the Seattle market, while in 2009 it will be in more than 30 major media markets.


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