Sheetz Chooses RedPrairie For Centralized Management

Sheetz is planning to use RedPrairie’s Execution Management solution to direct the preparation and implementation of complex tasks between its headquarters and store management, RedPrairie said.

The Execution Management solution automates task planning, event scheduling and interpersonal communication, ultimately helping Sheetz execute new product releases, promotions and other programs with efficiency and consistency.

Sheetz becomes the first petroleum or convenience store retailer to purchase RedPrairie’s Execution Management, a product that’s widely used in other retail segments. Most recently Sheetz completed a RedPrairie Site Operations rollout in more than 350 stores.

“We selected RedPrairie to help streamline communication and track execution at the store level,” said Sheetz IT Director Jim Wenner. “RedPrairie’s Execution Management will provide direction to our stores from a single source and convey objectives clearly and succinctly. This will ensure events and promotions are carried out in an efficient and uniform fashion.”

In addition to implementing automated planning, scheduling and execution of complex tasks, RedPrairie’s Execution Management solution will determine and direct best practices among store employees, improving workforce efficiency across the board.

“Sheetz is an innovative leader in the petroleum and convenience store industry,” said Mike Mayoras, RedPrairie’s CEO. ”We are thrilled they are adopting Execution Management software and bringing operation excellence to the next level. It is a remarkable compliment to their recent RedPrairie Site Operations deployment.”


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