Sheetz Carrier Wins Top Trucking Award

CLI Transport, the dedicated carrier for Sheetz c-stores’ fuel and grocery, has been awarded The American Trucking Association’s 2008 ATA President’s Trophy.

The American Trucking Association (ATA) is the premier trucking organization in the U.S., and its award is recognized as one of the highest safety awards available to motor carriers in the country.

The Safety and Loss Prevention Management Council presents three of the awards each year for three different categories based on miles traveled: (1) under 25 million miles; (2) 25 million to 100 million miles; and (3) over 100 million miles.

CLI Transport won the award for the “under 25 million miles” category. The award recognizes motor carriers who have the most comprehensive safety programs.

"Safety is the top priority of every driver at CLI," said Buddy Casado, the company’s president. “To receive this highest of honors is a wonderful achievement for our entire team.”

CLI has more than 300 drivers that distribute petroleum and food products every day to 350 Sheetz locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.


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