Dresser Wayne Aims to Increase Retailer Profit

Four advanced innovations from retail fuel dispenser and technologies marketer Dresser Wayne could help fuel retailers increase profitability and secure customer loyalty while saving consumers money at the pump, the company said.

The first option allows retailers and customers to see an immediate savings through cash acceptors that can be integrated into fuel dispensers. They give consumers the flexibility and convenience of paying with cash at the pump, often at a discounted price over credit or debit card transactions, Dresser Wayne said.

As retailers are being charged higher credit interchange fees, cash acceptors allow them to benefit from the lower processing costs associated with cash purchases. They can pass the savings to customers by offering discounts to cash customers.

Additionally, retailers can promote the cash-payment discounts by adding Dresser Wayne’s dual-price posting option at the dispenser. Cash acceptors also provide solutions for unattended stations or retailers requiring prepayment, the company said.

“Dresser Wayne’s optional cash acceptors and dual price posting capabilities provide fuel retailers and ultimately their customers with immediate cost saving benefits. Customers appreciate the convenience of paying with cash at the dispenser instead of in the store and seeing their discount on the dual price posting display,” said D.P. Rabalais, director of North America Marketing for Dresser Wayne. “A third payment-related innovation from Dresser Wayne, iX Pay secure payment, also provides retailers short- and long-term returns that are unmatched by our competition.”

Dresser Wayne said its iX Pay secure payment solution cost-effectively addresses PCI mandates and saves retailers money through long-term investment protection.

“In contrast to competitive solutions certified to outdated versions of PCI regulations, iX Pay secure payment is certified for deployment beyond the year 2014,” said Tim Weston, Dresser Wayne’s product manager of Payment Technologies. “It is also currently the only solution completely upgradeable to the forthcoming Unattended Payment Terminal (UPT) standard.”

Another way Dresser Wayne is helping retailers generate more profit: The Xflo Fuel Meter. It offers an improvement over traditional piston meters that have been a standard in the industry for more than 50 years.

The Xflo Meter improves Dresser Wayne’s metering technology with its innovative axial flow architecture.

All of Dresser Wayne’s cost-saving innovations are available as a retrofit for existing dispensers or can be factory-installed in new dispensers.


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