Polygraph Expert Touts Tactics To Combat Theft

Author James W. Bassett, a certified polygraph expert and sometimes contributor to Convenience Store Decisions, has released a new that provides successful techniques used to identify employees who steal. It also explains how to prevent such incidents.

“Solving Employee Theft: New Insights, New Tactics,” by Bassett, is a useful guide that’s written in layman’s terms so retailers can understand the best ways to investigate and solve employee theft and other crimes in the workplace.

Theft by employees causes more than a third of all U.S. small business failures, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Using anecdotes and case studies that enhance readability and illustrate the author’s concepts, Bassett shows businesses how to rid themselves of theft perpetrators and prevent employee theft from recurring.

Bassett has been solving employee theft cases for more than three decades. He is a graduate of the Backster School of Lie Detection and he received a bachelor’s in psychology from Lafayette College.

For questions about the book, contact the author at ljbassett2@aol.com. The book is available in retail outlets or online at Amazon.com or Booksurge.com, or by contacting the author by e-mail.


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