Gilbarco and SSCS Create Mix-and-Match Program

Fuel and retail management systems provider Gilbarco Veeder-Root has teamed with back-office provider Service Station Computer Systems Inc. (SSCS) to introduce an automated multi-item promotions program.

The new solution allows mix-and-match promotions to be managed by combining the Passport POS and SSCS back-office software, the companies said.

Passport provides timely sales and discount information, while SSCS allows centralized configuration of the promotions through the NAXML standard-data formats by Gilbarco and SSCS.

“In the past the c-store operator programmed the Passport first, and then moved to the back-office system to recreate the promotions so that both machines recognized them,” said Al Stoeberl, SSCS vice president of sales and marketing. “It was double work that led to clerical errors and inconsistencies. The integration provided by Gilbarco and SSCS remedies the problem.”

The robust system is capable of maintaining the integrity of mix-and-match and combination discounts as they’re transferred between the Passport and SSCS back-office system. The solution’s flexibility allows operators to store and recall a wide mix of product combinations, while the POS operator needs to do little more than scan the specified item or items to ensure the proper application of discounts.

"The ability to manage promotions, such as mix-and-match, is a huge benefit in today’s market," said Mikey Fradin, Gilbarco’s director of POS systems. "And the turnkey solution provided for Passport, by SSCS, allows for simple execution by our customers."

The new solution also offers:

  • Clear, precise reporting to assist in the evaluation of promotions.
  • Tighter inventory control where each promotional item sold is recorded accurately. Adjustments don’t have to be made after the fact, which reduces human error and increases the reliability of line-item sales reports.
  • Compatibility, because Gilbarco Veeder-Root and SSCS data formats use the Petroleum Convenience Alliance for Technology Standards’ (PCATS) XML standard, known as PCATS-NAXML.

    “It has been gratifying and a pleasure to partner with Gilbarco Veeder-Root to bring our mutual customers the best mix-and-match programming feature in the industry,” Stoeberl said. “Our accomplishment illustrates the upside of teamwork. We look forward to a long, fruitful relationship with this market innovator.”

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