Did You Know…

» The first patent for chewing gum was issued in 1869 to Ohio dentist William F. Semple.
» In the early 1900s, William Wrigley Jr. was one of the first people to promote a brand to consumers through advertising. His spearmint gum quickly became a best seller.
» During World War II, U.S. military personnel spread the popularity of chewing gum by trading and giving it to people across Europe, Africa and Asia.
» The first trading card packages containing bubble gum were issued in the 1930s. The pictures on the cards included war heroes, Wild West figures and professional athletes. The Topps Co. became famous by offering baseball cards in packages of gum and sponsoring bubble gum blowing contests among ball players.
» The color of the first successful bubble gum brand was pink because it was the only color the inventor had left. The color stuck and today bubble gum is still predominantly pink.
» The Guinness Book of World Records reports that the largest bubble ever blown was 23 inches in diameter. The record was set July 19, 1994 by Susan Montgomery Williams of Fresno, Calif.

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