Dallas City Council Approves Stricter C-Store Security Measures

Dallas City Council unanimously approved an ordinance requiring Dallas convenience stores to enhance their safety programs, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The ordinance will be enacted over the next 18 months, and will include requirements that stores register with the city, get high-resolution cameras and install drop safes among other things, the publication reported.

Among the new requirements:

  • Creating a registration program for convenience stores
  • Surveillance camera systems (at least two color, high-resolution
surveillance cameras required

  • Video storage and recording systems;
  • Alarm systems (silent panic or holdup alarm system required);
  • Drop safes required and notice posted;
  • Security signs;
  • Height markers;

  • Store visibility (sales transaction areas must have unobstructed sight
lines through windows and doors;
  • Safety training programs;
  • Trespass affidavits to allow police to deal with people illegally on premises.
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