Managing The Managers

Alon USA Energy’s board of directors has approved changes in the company’s organizational structure to help manage the company’s expanded operations and further prepare it for planned initiatives and future growth, the company said.

The management changes are effective immediately.

"Following our recent acquisition of the Krotz Springs refinery, we have now tripled our refining capacity and significantly expanded our asphalt and retail businesses over the past two years,” said David Wiessman, executive chairman of the board for Alon USA. “We have also recently re-structured our branded marketing and retail businesses into a new operating segment. In May of this year, Kyle McKeen rejoined our company as president and CEO of the new branded marketing and retail segment and is leading our IPO initiative for this segment.

"With the structural and organizational changes announced today,” Wiessman said, “our board has taken the next step to expand and restructure our management team to meet the needs of our increased operations and to prepare Alon for the next level of growth and performance."

The management changes include the promotion of Joseph Israel, previously vice president of mergers and acquisitions, to chief operating officer (COO). In his new role, Israel will oversee the integration and business planning for the company’s refining and asphalt businesses and will report to Jeff Morris, Alon’s president and CEO.

Israel joined Alon USA in March 2000. Prior to his promotion, he was responsible for all growth opportunities within Alon USA, as well as business planning and optimization of the company’s processes. He also chairs Alon USA’s Risk Management Committee.

In other personnel changes, Joe Concienne, previously senior vice president of refining and transportation, will become senior vice president of refining and supply. Concienne will have operating responsibilities for all of Alon’s refineries, with each of the refinery managers reporting directly to him.

In other areas:

  • Senior Vice President Alan Moret will continue to lead the asphalt segment.
  • Michael ("Mikey") Oster, previously general manager of commercial transactions, will become senior vice president of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Alon’s financial, legal and administrative departments (led by Shai Even, senior vice president and CFO; Harlin Dean, senior vice president and general counsel; and Claire Hart, senior vice president) will be adding personnel to their organizations to support the recent and future growth of the organization.

    "I am pleased to welcome Joseph to this new leadership position, where he will help manage the future growth of Alon USA," Jeff Morris said. "We believe this new management structure will enhance our focus, increase our resources, and provide the ability and the freedom to manage our substantial growth in the refining, asphalt, branded marketing and retail operations. I am proud to work with such a strong cadre of leaders ready to help assure our success."

    Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Alon USA Energy is an independent refiner and marketer of petroleum products, operating primarily in the South Central, Southwestern and Western regions of the U.S.

    The company owns four crude oil refineries in Texas, California, Louisiana and Oregon, with an aggregate crude oil throughput capacity of approximately 250,000 barrels per day. Alon markets gasoline and diesel products under the FINA brand name and is a leading producer of asphalt.

    The company operates more than 300 convenience stores, primarily in West Texas and New Mexico, substantially all of them under the 7-Eleven and FINA brand names. The company supplies motor fuels to these stores primarily from its Big Spring refinery, though it also supplies approximately 800 additional FINA-branded stations.

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